Welcome to the St George's catalogue of online sermons, which is available free of charge.
All files are in mp3 format; just click the links below to listen now on your PC's player.
(Please note that not all sermons are online, but they are all available on CD or MP3 download.  You can borrow the CDs from the bookstall area of the church. Please contact the office for more details.)

Jesus the Liberator #3 (download)
Jon Swales, 05/07/2015
The Journey #3 (download)
Dan Tyler, 05/07/2015
Jesus the Liberator #2 (download)
Jon Swales, 28/06/2015
The Journey #2 (download)
Jonathan Clark, 28/06/2015
Jesus the Liberator #1 (download)
Jon Swales, 21/06/2015
The Journey #1 (download)
Mark Harlow, 21/06/2015
A New Life (download)
Roger Simpson, 14/06/2015
Baptisms (7 June 2015) (download)
Chris Sayburn, 07/06/2015
A New Relationship (download)
Baxter Kruger, 07/06/2015
Good News #4 (download)
Emily Tyler, 31/05/2015

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