Connections: Academy of Life

It's an exciting time to be in a Network and ‘Connections’ is going from strength to strength. Having just set up a new small group we now have five groups meeting across Leeds city centre. We are kicking off 2012 with the Academy of Life. No one really knew what to expect from our first session but it was immediately clear just how much prayerful preparation had gone into it. I think so many people think to themselves, "yes I'm a Christian, yes I believe, but what does that change? How does it work in my life?"

Taking a detailed look at Jesus, our ultimate teacher, Mark beautifully illustrated some of the spiritual muscles we need to regularly flex if we are to live in the freedom and power that we should expect to as children of God. Using a memorable language of 7 "virtues", the teaching was illuminating but also very practical. One Connections member said "to be honest I was sceptical at first, but that was great! Exciting and challenging at the same time."

As we have fun and grow together we're looking to serve both church and community, by helping with the welcome team and hearing about local charities that need our help. ‘Connections’ is definitely getting bigger and better; we thank God for this and pray for Him to do even more.

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