Close, Deeper, Greater, Wider

I hope you’ve enjoyed the sermons as much as I’ve enjoyed preaching them! I think the vision is getting clearer, and that each part of CLOSER, DEEPER, GREATER, WIDER is essential if we are to be the people God wants us to be. I am very positive because we now have the staff team to help us deliver the vision together. We all have a part to play

1. join a Network and do life together (including inviting people to events so they can discover the life of Jesus)

2. do the Academy of Life as it becomes available

3. Support the Vision as we are able- using the Response Cards, and returning them all together on Feb 26th at Church.

If you missed any of the sermons do listen on line, and read the new Vision Document. If you’ve got any further thoughts about the vision, or want to give me some feedback, then do please Email me,

Yours in partnership in the Gospel,