Take Off

Take Off Network comprises 3 very different small groups in North West Leeds. This is proving to be both a strength and a challenge as people are at different stages of life with different expectations and availability. We also have several people who are not able to attend small group meetings but really value being linked to the Network and coming along when they can. One member said recently "I really feel I am getting to know the people in the Network, and it feels good." Events have included, walks, eating out, bring and share lunch after church; tour of the Crypt and presentations from Kidz Klub and Manuel Bravo, Passover Meal, BBQ, making Christmas Hampers for deprived families and prayer breakfast.  We are currently looking into going on a Network weekend away!

I am passionate about Networks as they connect all sorts of people together and there is a real sense of belonging and of being important to a group of friends.

Find out more about this network here.