Lent at St George's

Less Stuff, More Life

How do you feel about Lent? Some of us are daunted by the challenge of giving something up. Others fear that doing Lent will become just another thing to add to an increasingly full ‘to do’ list.

But really Lent isn’t about adding extra burdens; it’s about clearing space for God. I hope that each one of us can make space in Lent to hear from God and that somehow cramming less into our lives will be a liberation.

To kick off the Lent season, I’ll be speaking on Less Stuff, More Life.  Having just returned from a 10 day visit to Uganda with the charity Tearfund, I’m more convicted than ever about the need for us to follow God faithfully in the middle of a consumer culture.

I always feel a hypocrite when I speak about these things. I’m aware of the riches in my life and how slow I am to devote them to the work of God’s kingdom. But the grace at the heart of the gospel gives me hope. God can take us from wherever we are and lead us on a journey of generosity. He’s not looking to condemn us, but to set us free.

Each day through Lent I’ll be blogging at www.consumerdetox.wordpress.com, we’ve also produced some notes that  the small groups in our networks can use. Whatever path you take in pursuit of God this Lent, may God meet every step of faith with his abundant blessing.

God Bless, Mark