March/12: Mission Partners

Andy and Uta Buckler: France

Last year they moved to Paris where Andy has a new job with the French Reformed Church. They have five children for whom the move has been tough - losing their old friends and going to new schools where settling in and making new friends is harder than they had all anticipated.

Pray for: This family is going through hard times. One of the boys in particular needs our prayers because he is so unhappy.

Hugh and Heather Nelson: Japan

They have two adopted children, Tomo, 13 and Jun, 10.

Praise and thanks: They have received permission to rent a much needed building for their children's work. They are encouraged by a sense of prayers being answered.

Pray for: For 18 years Hugh has delivered a sermon every Sunday (except when on holiday). He needs help: pray for someone to take some of this weight off his shoulders.

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