March/12: Pray For


Welcome Team, St George’s to give a friendly welcome, and effective follow up of welcome cards. Also pray for Lisa Woodlock as she develops this initiative.

Networks, to be able to receive ALL those who want to join.

Support, or all those with financial worries now.


Less Stuff, More Life, powerful life change  as Mark preaches on the new Lent series.

Worship & Tech Teams, powerful worship, and the ability to get everything ready well before Sunday, to take pressure off our PA and Projection teams.


Giving, everyone to give regularly, according to their means and for £42,000 extra, so that we can maintain staff levels as opportunities expand.


Intern interviews, the right team for 2013 and the right placements.

Roots, new members to join the team and that many young people will come to know Jesus through Youth Alpha.