Mission to Romania

Each year a team from St George’s joins a team in Romania, to do mission in a town called Hunedoara. We spoke to two members of the Church who have great stories, to share their experiences. Will: Intern Will supports the team at Holy Trinity,Meanwood.

Suzie: Care Assistant Suzie supports students with special needs at a college in Harrogate.

What was the highlight of the trip?

Will: One of my highlights of the trip was seeing the radical change to some young people in the Spa and Beauty project. Like it or not, young girls before marriage age are regarded as second class citizens in effect, and they are almost totally ignored by society. The project helped show those young girls that they were in fact valued and loved as individuals.

Suzie: For me there were a few highlights.  Firstly, the fellowship we shared as a team together, and with the Romanian team; it was a really special time. Singing worship songs in a big band stand in a public park with lots of local people around, that was pretty awesome! Also, being part of a team, face painting around 50 kids faces. They loved it and so did we!

Where did you see God working in the community?

Will: God worked gently in the areas where we were showing people that there is hope, in a place where apathy and resignation are the most common feelings.

Suzie: The dedication of the Romanian team; they would go to bed after us and be up before us all in the morning. They really worked so hard not just on the Salt and Light week events but on hosting us and feeding us and looking after us all.

Is there time for rest or do you evangelise 24/7? Will: There is always time to rest, but you are always surrounded by other people, and it does teach you how to live in community, and to lean on the support of that community.

Suzie: We definitely found time to relax and chill out or just have fun together. It is very full on, but you know it's only for a week so you make time to fit in as much as you can. The last day was also set aside to do some relaxing which was a good way to end a very busy week.

What did you gain from the mission trip?

Will: A dramatic understanding that the Church of Christ is worldwide, and there is no situation or place that God is not powerfully working in. Small things can still mean a great deal to people who think the world has given up on them. I learned to rely on God's strength and guidance, instead of doing what I thought was best all the time.

Suzie: I gained a valuable experience of a different country and culture. I made some lasting friendships, and grew deeper in faith and trust in God.

Contact Alistair Kaye on 07881 804 104 for more information or to find out how you can be involved Romania Mission Trip 2012.