It’s a very exciting time for the Roots network as we are starting a Youth Alpha course in the first week of March.  We’re hoping that lots of young people will hear the message and grow to know Jesus themselves. Friday nights are growing and growing and we’re seeing new faces every month, because young people are constantly inviting friends. One parent was worried about how he was going to fit all of his son’s friends into the car to bring them to Roots!

Roots now meet on a Sunday morning to worship together in the Church centre, and as a result the network has seen many young people stepping up to serve in roles such as operating the PA desk and leading worship - this means getting to church for 9am on Sunday mornings, which for young people, is quite a challenge!

We are now seeing the fruit of the opportunities to serve in Abbey Grange High School, which have included teaching lessons on Holy Communion and delivering assemblies. Rich Cawdron works alongside a team from Leeds Faith In Schools to run a Tuesday lunch time club from which more and more young people are coming to Roots on a Friday night!

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