April/12: Mission Partners

Sarah Jeffery: Middle East

She is working in a Middle Eastern country as a Primary School teacher. Her pupils are the children of various aid workers.  She is just emerging from an extremely cold winter with night temperatures of minus 23 degrees, and no running water for her house or school for two months.

She is happy, fulfilled and enjoying her life but admits to being lonely at times with very few people to chill with.

Pray for her, drop her a line (or send her some chocolate!) Contact robandeb@waitrose.com for her address.

Chip and Diane Cowles: Newcastle

They are working for ‘Agape’ in Newcastle. They have had time out from their international commitments which has meant less travelling and more time with their two daughters. It has been a great time for the family. They are now involved with Story Telling as an effective means of reaching people who may be illiterate or just don't read. They are training Agape staff in this way of communicating the gospel, and are excited by it.

They are also trying to negotiate a less hectic life-style with the Agape chiefs so that they can focus on family and the commitments they have in evangelising and building up Christians where they live.

Pray for them.

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