Easter at St George's

As part of the vision of Sharing Life and Loving Leeds God has opened up the door for us to partner with St Augustine’s church, Wrangthorn. The church is situated on the corner of Hyde Park by the skate park. On March 22nd Bishop James, licensed me as the Priest in Charge there which means that part of my week will now be spent with the people of Wrangthorn. But this partnership is not just about a new role for me. It represents a new venture for us all as we work out what it means to Share Life and Love Leeds.  What role is God calling you to play in this new partnership?  Is it to pray?  Is it to come and worship with the congregation?  Is to join with the congregation in reaching out to the area around the church?   Is it to start a new project in the Hyde Park area?

There are many possibilities and it will be key for us over the next few months to be listening carefully to what God is saying and where he is leading us.     If as you pray about it God gives you a picture or a word about it then do come and share it with me as I’d love to hear it.

As we begin our journey through Holy Week we look with anticipation to celebrating the resurrection and the reality of new life that that brings for us.  It is that resurrection life that we seek to share with one another and with the city of Leeds in which we’ve been placed.

Have a joyful Easter, Joanna