Join a Network

In March Network Leaders gathered for a meal to share what God is doing across our Church. Encouragements were shared of an increasing sense of fellowship within networks. Also, of how people are enjoying the freedom that network events bring to invite friends who don’t know Christ yet. Meals together, trips to the theatre, weekends away, New Year parties and walks are just some of the things that networks have been doing to grow in fellowship, create a place of belonging for people, and do mission.

Hugh and Heather Nelson, our mission partners from Japan, recently visited the UK and a number of different networks were able to host gatherings to welcome them and exchange stories of mission in Japan and in Leeds.

For each network there is the challenge of working out, for their calling in their particular context, what the shape of their network should look like.

How can it be a place where people feel they belong? Where can they share stories of God at work? How to care for one another? How can it be a place of mission that is reaching out to people around them and providing a place of welcome for all?

The answers to those questions lead us to form networks of many varieties – reflective of the diverse and creative character of the city in which we are called to live and share the life and love of God.

"A network is a place of belonging and the core of discipleship." Network Leader

Whether we are part of the Explorers or the Farsi network or one based around a particular area of Leeds, we are all seeking to work out what it means to Share Life and Love Leeds. 

Find out more about Networks here.