Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry gathered for the first time back in November for an evening of worship and fellowship.  Since then it has grown and sharing life through different events.

New Wine Women’s Day gathered over 2,000 women in Harrogate for worship and teaching.

“New Wine was a wonderful event. A time to remember that I was a child of God. He was a King who called me friend, he knew me and the path before me. It was so encouraging to worship with hundreds of others and be inspired by those that spoke. Though we had come from many different paths, we were all women of God. That truth in itself was enough to celebrate.” Sara Jackson

"Though we had come from many different paths, we were all women of God."

“For me, it  was a great opportunity to Worship together with other women, and special because of our like-mindedness as women; there was such a loving atmosphere and sense of oneness. It was great to hear a speaker and news from other parts of the UK and across the world; to have God open our eyes and show us how He is working in people’s lives. Finally, I found it was a place where I could reflect on what God is doing in my life; a place to receive from God – for some that was through prayer ministry, for me, an impromptu prayer from an unknown person sat next to me and through the Worship. Overall the Conference was a great opportunity to be built up and refreshed in the Holy Spirit!” Rosalinde Smith

"...to have God open our eyes and show us how He is working in people’s lives."



Mums Alpha began in February 2012. Lisa: Intern Lisa supports the Youth team and is involved in Pastoral care. She is currently developing the Women’s Ministry.

Why did you decide to run the Course? This year I’ve had the exciting privilege of serving in the women’s ministry at St George’s. The idea for Mums’ Alpha came about when a mum from our existing toddler group ‘Play and Pray’ suggested the course, as a great way for mums to explore the Christian faith further. Mums’ Alpha seeks to provide a chance for mums to take some time for themselves each week to explore faith, discuss life and have a chat! Every week there are home-baked cakes, refreshments and a crèche for the children.

How do you see it impacting the church and Leeds? Mums’ Alpha seeks to build up a sense of community. Each week we have been watching a talk on a different aspect of the Christian faith and have then spent time discussing our own questions and experiences. This ties directly into the Sharing Life side of the St George’s vision. Also for this course, as with our other Alpha Course, we have the privilege of partnering with Gateway Church. This partnership is very special and continues to grow. Churches working together are a major passion of mine, so it is such a pleasure to be a part of something that unites churches across the city of Leeds.

What does the future hold? I hope that as the course develops we will continue to build up the community and sense of openness that is growing. The Alpha Course is a journey, and I hope that over the remaining weeks we can seek to discover more about God, the Christian faith and ourselves.


Ladies Pamper Evening Sat 21 April // 7.30 - 9.30pm Church Centre

Women's Weekend Away 15 - 17 June 2012 // Jonas Centre, Wensleydale More info to follow through networks

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