Worship Ministry

Chris: Worship & Creative Communications PastorChris leads the Worship ministry at St G’s. He is Northern Advisor for Worship Central.

Chris with  interns Tim  and Dan, ran a Leeds city wide ‘Worship Central’ course, here at St George’s. The Course focussed on building teams, leading worship, and encountering God. “An invaluable resource for the local Church”

What was the highlight for you? The biggest highlight was having 8 churches across the city coming together to learn, to worship, to pray and to seek God's heart for the City. Many new relationships have been built and I'm excited about what this could mean for the Church in Leeds.

Why was the Worship Central course important for our Church? The course was important to put on for a number of reasons:

  • As a church we are about 'Sharing Life and Loving Leeds'. We didn't just want to put it on for ourselves, we wanted to bless the city.
  • The course material is fantastic with a great balance of theology, practical development and leadership values. I believe that anyone who goes on the course will be equipped and challenged.
  • I am an advisor for worship central so its a real privilege that we get to be resourced by the guys at HTB who have greater experience and a real passion for Jesus and His Church.

Where did you see God working? One of the biggest ways we saw God at work was through discussion times after the teaching. It was incredible to see people genuinely grappling with how they can grow as a team in vision, commitment, purity, prayer and practice. (It said a lot that we had to kick people out long after the sessions had finished!) People were really getting, that in the Kingdom, to lead is to serve and I believe the city has a greater amount of servants for Christ as a result.

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