Student, Ruth Zealey shares stories from the network. "...breathe* has been an essential element of my faith."

Breathe* is the network for students at St. George’s. We meet every Thursday night during term-time and on Sundays before the 7.30 service we meet for a meal together. However most of our deeper philosophical conversations emerge at the pub.

This year has been great for breathe* as we welcomed Dan Tyler as our new student pastor. In January we each attempted to pack as much knitwear as possible into backpacks and headed up to Scotland for our weekend away. It was a great weekend with inspiring talks from Peter Dray, seminars, quizzes, walks and the invention of a new game (catchy-catchy-what-the-catch).  It provided a well needed break from lectures and deadlines, the chance to deepen friendships and reassess the way we are in relation with God.

Personally, breathe* has been an essential element of my faith this year. I became a Christian last summer and I was feeling pretty daunted about having to completely change my life in Leeds. At breathe* I found such an incredible group of inspirational Christians; I felt instantly accepted and really appreciated how much encouragement and advice I received from them. It’s a constant stream of support throughout the unpredictability of life.

It’s a busy time for all of our students at the moment, please be praying over the next few weeks for those with exams and deadlines. Pray for those graduating this year, that God would put them in the best place and that none would be worried about their futures. Pray also for those moving to Leeds for the first time in September.



Summer Ball: An Evening in Paris Friday 25 May // 7.30-11pm Dinner provided // bring your own drinks Dress code: Formal £10 a ticket In Church



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