May/12: Mission Partners

Charles and Jocelyn Montagu: Loughborough

Along with their children Edward, Emily and Robert, the Montagu’s are working with Arab World Ministries. Charles will be retiring in a few years and needs time to reflect on how those years should be spent in the Lord's service.

Pray that he and his family may discern God's will. Also Pray for God to open the eyes and hearts of those in North Africa and the Middle East who have begun to ask questions about the Christian faith.


Pray for Israel/Palestine:

“To Him who created the universe and who chose to reveal Himself through the people of Israel; to Him who created mankind and who chose to reveal Himself by being born in humility in Bethlehem; we pray for the people of Israel and Palestine.

We pray that people on both sides may understand the pain and the fear felt by the other that each may see the image of God in one another; and that each may be driven by a desire for justice and peace.

We ask this in the name of Him who died and rose again in the city of Jerusalem.”