Roots: “I want to jump into the swimming pool”

“I don’t just want to dip my toe in, I really want to jump in.”

And then we prayed.  That this young lad would have the courage to jump in to the swimming pool, not of water, but of faith.   Now this lad has read the whole of the Old Testament in 3 weeks.

“The bible is the most addictive book I’ve ever read”

It’s not often you hear a phrase like that, especially from an eleven-year-old, not the same chap as before, but another of our great and beloved young people.

“The moment you started praying for me, I just felt really cold and peaceful.”

What power the Holy Spirit can have when a young life encounter Him for the first time.

Three short snippets from an amazing youth alpha course we’ve been running at St George’s Church, Leeds.  Each week we’ve gathered to eat pud, mess around, hear some great speakers and engage in discussion about matter of life and faith.  It’s been fantastic!  Each week we seem to have a new story, or some great encouragement to share as a team.

And the honesty of our young people has been mind blowing and refreshing.  So often it is the correct JesusGodTheBible answers that are given.  But in the safe space of discussion groups and the promise that there is no silly, stupid, right or wrong answer, what the young people really think comes out.  And from time to time the honour of praying for some of them presents itself, and things really kick off.

This has really been the thing about running this course that has struck me.  If we give our young people the space and time and promise then their true thoughts come out, and we can minister to them where they are really at, not where they appear to be at.  Quite often two very different places.


By Chris Balding

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