God hears our prayers

In June we are going to be praying together with our brothers and sisters across Leeds. From Noon on Saturday June 23 there will be 24 hours of continuous prayer in the Prayer Room of Bridge Street Church; and then on the Sunday afternoon there will be a prayer picnic on Woodhouse Moor (opposite Wrangthorn church) from 1-3pm, to which we are inviting the churches of Leeds to send representatives. A prayer torch which is shadowing the Olympic torch will arrive from Manchester during the picnic. We will pray together for the Olympic Games, and for the world, and for our nation, and our city, which God loves. God hears our prayers, especially when we pray together; in agreement with our brothers and sisters, when we pray for God's kingdom to be advanced, and not just for our own personal success, or the growth of one particular church. When we pray together in unity, we have more of a sense of God's presence, as Jesus said, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

This is going to be the start of 3 weeks of prayer a year for Leeds. In the future, we will continue with our own day of prayer and fasting on the Wednesday of that prayer week. Let’s take the opportunity of this prayer weekend to advance the kingdom of God in Leeds, in the most effective possible way, in united prayer to God.

Jonathan Clark