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We’ve already heard about the Women’s Ministry at St George’s, who have held a number of events this year and are planning their first weekend away.  But, what about the Men? It is thought that the numbers of men within the church, in the UK, are rapidly decreasing, and the ratio of women to men in the church is around 70:30! It is believed that if the father or male role model within a family joins a church, the family are far more likely to follow than if the female figure or mother joins.  So it is important for St George’s to invest in men as equally as women.

Well, men’s breakfasts have become a regular part of the life of St George’s, and there is a growing men’s ministry, with plans for a weekend away later this year.  Graeme Collins has been attending men’s breakfasts for a while now and share’s some of the vision for the men’s ministry.

Why is the Men’s Breakfast important?

It's great that so many guys meet once a month on a Saturday morning to have a hearty English breakfast. Sometimes the breakfast has a greater healthy slant with fruit salad! It is good to chat with other guys just to catch up with what is going on in their lives. In the past we have listened to a talk after breakfast and often make time to pray for each other.

As the ministry develops and guys feel comfortable to share what really matters to them and recognise that God is passionate about men getting together to pray and seek him in our personal lives, it will start to also impact the dynamics of Small Groups and Networks, too.

Why are you involved in developing the Men’s Ministry at St George's?

I am passionate to see Men's ministry develop, so we feel comfortable being together as men and celebrate our uniqueness. As a church we need to discuss ways in which we can invite un-churched men to a range of events which may have a sociable basis but also a spiritual dimension.

What is the vision for the weekend away?

This weekend is for men of St George's church to build up relationships through some fun activities such as high ropes course, canoeing, raft building, cycling or walking etc. I hope there will be time to worship together and discuss some key issues which men are facing, and how we can be strengthened by our reliance on God. It is intended that a further weekend will be launched in late spring 2013 which will be an evangelistic weekend, providing the opportunity to invite friends for an exciting weekend away.

What can St G's pray for the Men’s Ministry?

Please pray for a clear leading from God as we plan a range of events for Christian men as well as our un-churched friends.  Pray that these events have integrity and are appealing to guys.

Extra info Carl Beech (from Christian Vision for Men) writes a great piece on why it is important for churches to invest in men’s ministry here.

For more info on events at St George’s for men, click here.

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