July/12: Mission Partners

Chip and Diane Cowles and Daughters Daniella & Gabriella

Chip has taken time to review his workload and the effect it is having on him. He has been greatly helped by this process, and is modifying how much he does, and what he should and should not take on. Daniella has just completed her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award scheme, and Gabriella is off to France in July.

They run a Vintage Lunch Club for older people, where 30-40 come every week. For some of these folk it is the only proper meal they have. Pray that they will come to know Jesus and the eternal life, love and belonging He offers. Their "Cafe Church" has recently seen a man "come back to Jesus after many years away"; his personal and family life have been transformed. Praise God.

Hugh and Heather Nelson and Sons, Tomo & Jun

Prayers for them have been answered in a pretty spectacular way: From July onwards they will be able to rent a building including the upstairs flat, not only for the ‘Happy Clubs’ (attended by 117 children every week who hear a short Christian message, often with their parents) but also for Church services. They are overjoyed at this development.  Praise God.

They are still praying for the day when they have a purpose-built Church because they will be able to do even more Christian stuff.  Keep praying, for their workload; they do need help.

Also they threw two, much enjoyed, parties over the Jubilee weekend, though their 80 Japanese guests ‘hadn’t a clue’ what the jubilee was about!