School of Theology

Thinking about Faith Track or Academy of Life but aren't sure what to expect?  Some of this years delegates share their thoughts.

What is School of Theology?

"School of Theology is a time to come and meet together in a community to learn more about Jesus, God and the Bible. It’s been really good for hearing lots of different speakers from lots of different backgrounds who come and share what they’ve been researching and what they’re really passionate about." "It’s an opportunity to engage more deeply with the Bible, with a wide variety of speakers, usually with some kind of academic or practical church background, who come to share their wisdom and insight into the texts."

What does School of Theology look like?

"We always start with worship and prayer at the beginning to focus ourselves on God and what he wants to do with us in that morning. We’ll have an hour of study and then a break (with more breakfast) to be able to chat and share with other people. It’s generally quite interactive and we have a q&a at the end of each section. The we’ll come back together for another slot of teaching and q&a."

Why did you choose to go to School of Theology?

"To deepen my understanding of the Bible. I’ve been really impressed by the caliber of the speakers, and their knowledge and understanding, research and learning that they have put into studying their specialties, and also their ability to communicate that and make it accessible to people who don’t have that level of understanding. I also like that fact that it is really honest; this is what we know, this is what we don’t know, these are the things are still open to question. It really helps you to ask further questions."

"I come to SOT because I really want to delve into the Bible (especially the bits I’ve struggled with and pushed to one side), in a place where I really trust the theology and the people teaching; people who really understand the individual struggles that we all have."

What impact has it had on your life?

"It has deepened my understanding of the Bible and has given me new angles and perspectives to engage with the text and also to engage with the Lord through that as well. It has equipped me to be able to share that with other people, maybe back in my small group I’ve been able to share that knowledge with other people, and it has excited me about seeing the big picture more and the history of the bible and what God’s been doing and has excited me about my place in that."

Who would you recommend School of Theology to?

"I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to deepen their understanding of the Bible. I’m not an academic, but it has been a good opportunity to take what I do know further. Even someone that was newer to it than I am and doesn’t have any learning or background would find it very accessible."

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