The Challenge is...

Who has been the most important mentor you’ve had in your life? Who taught you the most important things you know? In his book, The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard sets out the case that for each one of us the answer can be Jesus of Nazareth. There’s simply no one else who can teach us what Jesus knows about life with God. The challenge is how to learn from him.

For about fifteen years now I’ve had a passion to develop authentic Christian discipleship. Or in other words, to help make followers of Jesus. Starting this autumn I’d like to invite you to join with me in taking the next steps along this journey together. Alongside the Saturday morning Faith Track, hosted by Jon Swales, we’ll be launching the Academy of Life. Academy of Life is a practical course in lifelong discipleship.  Over seven sessions we will be looking closely at Jesus, sharing stories and launching out in new ventures of faith each month.

I hope you can join us. And I pray that 2013 sees us looking more and more like the only teacher worth our ultimate loyalty.