Women's Weekend Away

In June the women of St George’s spent the weekend in Wensleydale; included was a range of talks, seminars and activities where they had chance to share life and grow in faith.  The weekend was packed with activities such as early morning aerobics or bible study; the women also had the opportunity to eat together and just enjoy fellowship.Some of the women share their stories...

What was your highlight of the weekend?

“Getting to know new people, having time to discuss together - and the painting workshop!”

“The opportunity to escape from the busyness of Leeds! I really valued the quiet nature of the weekend – it certainly helped me to relax and reflect on things going on back at home.”

“Apart from the food, and painting, it was actually being able to meet, talk, and pray with other people in the discussion groups as well as the morning bible study.”

“The time, to relax, talk and get to know other women in the church.  Just two weeks on I think these relationships have made a big difference.”

“I found Joanna's seminar on singleness and discipleship very useful, and it definitely helped me think about things in a new way.”

Did you value the time away to enjoy fellowship?

“Yes definitely, it was so helpful to get away from the normal routine of life to take some time out and get some perspective. I did not know many people before going but I'm glad I went as I've made some really nice new friends.”

“… I’m now challenged on whether I should be in a Network, so am praying!”

“Yes. It was lovely to meet some ladies from totally different stages of life. I felt great to borrow some wisdom from older ladies in the church, which is a real privilege.”

“Yes… It was a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the people behind a lot of the things that happen at St G's; children's work, women's work, the  walking group, the music, the student's work, the teaching. Since I was with 4 members of my small group it was also a great opportunity to get to know them better, with time on our side..”

Where was God working in your life or those around you?

“He challenged me to become more disciplined and to commit to spending more time with him.  I was able to have some really useful discussions with older Christians and get some wise advice too.”

“The ‘women of God’ theme happened to be exactly what I needed to hear that weekend! I related hugely to each and every woman we learnt about through the talks, and I really felt God used them to speak to me about what his plans are for me.”

“God was working in many ways. The most noticeable personally is that I have a new sense of forgiveness I hadn't realized I needed. Through prayer at the weekend away I have found courage to talk about issues which previously I had been unable to open up about.”

“He challenged me in several ways including my attitude to Him and others and use of my time when not working. He also showed me that He is my strength (Ps 92 v10).”

The stories show just how valuable spending time together and sharing life actually is.  Let’s pray that this continues in our networks and that the Men's’ Ministry will have just as good experience in the Autumn on their weekend away.

 For more info on Women's Ministry at St George's click here.