Rage Despair Hope : Mini Mission

Last week saw the start of something new in the Skate Park.  A team from St George's with a few others from around Leeds, went to hang out in Hyde Park to share life and love Leeds; doing mission on the doorstep of Wrangthorn Church.

Building relationships with each other and with young people on the Skate Park, the team were able to share life with each other, and share the Gospel with the young people as they reached out to love Leeds.

Each day the team met to pray before hanging out on the Skate Park to share the Gospel with young people.  A free cafe and some talks led by Jon Swales encouraged a range of young people on the Skate Park to stop and think.  A BBQ at the end of the week also highlighted the sense of community that had been built there during the week.  (16 - 20th July)

The team have some amazing stories to tell of this week, so watch this space for more.  In the meantime, here are some pictures.