God is my Hope

In July I had the privilege of travelling to Kenya with a team of women to visit an agricultural project in the Maseno area. This project, run through the churches is equipping  farmers with the skills to increase the yields from their harvest resulting in them being able to not only feed their families but also earn enough to pay the school fees for their children. What struck me the most was the depth of their hope and joy in God that overflowed and blessed all those they met.  In the midst of much pain and bereavement their  faith was great. They knew that God was their all and in him they found a source of hope that nothing could take away. We were able to spend time praying and bringing words of encouragement to many different groups of people but I came away knowing I’d received far more than I was able to give; giving of time and stepping out of our comfort zones  to go on short term missions in order to share our hope in God is faith stretching and faith building.

Lots of the family of St George’s are serving in different ways over this summer. One team has just had an amazing week sharing God’s love at the Skate Park in Hyde Park; handing out hot drinks and chatting with those they met. They saw God at work and were amazed at the amount and depth of conversations that they were able to have. Others are leading venture camps for children and teenagers in this country and abroad; a team are off to Romania, there are others leading worship, helping in the youth venue, and serving in the cafe’s at the New Wine conference, and others are working with Ambassadors for Sport in America, and serving their medical electives in Madagascar.

Pray for all those stepping out this summer – that they will find their faith strengthened and that through their witness many will come to know the Hope that we can have in God.