"Hi, I'm Jesus. Can you tell me about Christianity?”


  A week of mission to the local community kicked off with a community BBQ on Sunday 15th July.  This gathered people from the parish at Park Dale Hall to enjoy and afternoon in the sun, share food, fun and listened to the community choir.  It turned out to be a great family event.

Then, on Monday to Friday, Jon Swales led a team from St George’s, with a few others from around Leeds onto a new mission field; Woodhouse Moor Skate Park.  On the doorstep of Wrangthorn they began building relationships with each other and with young people, the team were able to share life with each other, and share the Gospel with the young people as they reached out to love Leeds.  The team met to pray before hanging out on the Skate Park to share the Gospel with young people.  As well as a free cafe and talks by members of the team, a BBQ at the end of the week also highlighted the sense of community that had been built there during the week.

“The week was just fantastic; the team prayed together before, during and after being on the skate park in Wrangthorn Church.  One day we were praying for Jesus to be with us. A young Muslim man turned up, "Hi, I'm Jesus. Can you tell me about Christianity?” This just blew us away as team.  We certainly did tell him about Christianity; he came to hang out with us at times through the rest of the week too!”


“Although we were having a great time, we also felt a sense of attack.; members of the team fell ill, and the council were keeping a close eye on what we were doing, which felt unnerving at times.  Going out there each day wasn’t necessarily easy but through praying together as a team we knew and felt God’s presence with us.

“Praying with 3 young people who weren't Christians was a real highlight for me.  Although they had heard about Jesus from R.E lessons at school, having the opportunity to talk to them about Jesus and share the love that I know about, was a real privilege. It was a concern that there may have been a culture of ‘us and them’ on the skate park as we began to invite ourselves into their space, but God really broke down barriers and we not only felt welcomed but this opened doors to talk about Jesus, pray with the young people and build a real community there with them.”

“One of the best things about this mission was the ease of being able to talk to people.  All, but one person I spoke to, weren’t against the Church, but even willing to know a bit more, also showed that they cared for their own local community.  It was great to just hang out on the park and get to know people and not have to spend a lot of money on bigger resources, because it was just about hanging out and meeting people.”


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