He loves us unconditionally...

“All in all - an amazing time with God and with our church. Thank you Lord!”

New Wine is a conference in 3 locations gathering thousands of Christians together each year. As well as the opportunities to encounter God through worship and learn through his Word, it provides a great place to get equipped to serve and gain a fresh vision of what God is doing elsewhere in the world.

A group from St George’s went camping in Newark to enjoy a week in the summer sun and share life together.  As well as St George’s leaders being involved in various parts of the conference, there were quite a few from the St George’s group who served on teams at New Wine.  Some served in cafe teams, technical and pastoral roles.

Kathy and Clive Owen joined the group from St George’s to New Wine Newark from 27 July - 3 August; here Kathy shares her thoughts with us.

What was the highlight of the week? The highlight of the week for me personally was having the space and time  to listen to God and hear Him speaking in different ways throughout the week. This was exciting because He knows exactly what I need to hear and I felt the same themes being emphasized throughout the week. I want to give thanks to God that Clive managed to go to NW despite having a broken leg. He coped with the site and we were blessed with fine weather most of the time which helps when you are on crutches.

Did New Wine help you to focus on sharing life, loving Leeds? It was great to relax, worship, have fun, eat and chat together in a way we don't do the rest of the time, as we always seem to be in a rush. I felt God calling me to share with others more often and to be bold and more open about how much He loves me and about how much I love Him. I feel called to speak out about the cynicism that exists in church and I learned more about being quick to repent, forgive and be reunited with our Father. It was very much a confirmation that God is our Father, He loves us unconditionally and He longs for us to be reunited with Him each day.  Isaiah 61 has also been quite a significant bible passage for me.

Where did you see God working? It was wonderful to see others inspired and enthused by the seminars and celebrations. We heard testimonies from others and I was particularly encouraged by one young girl's testimony - she came from Bradford and she became a Christian as a young teenager. Then her mum and dad also gave their lives to Jesus resulting in them being led to go and live on the Buttershaw estate in Bradford in order to be alongside people there, witnessing and ministering to them. All very challenging and inspiring!