Not on my watch!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the eighteen:thirty service on the 23rd September! Rumour has it that the 18-30's are leaving the church. Maybe the church is taking their eye off the ball? Not on my watch. Not my generation. Not in my city.

The church leadership have made the key decision to invest of our best in serving those who associate themselves with the 18-30's generation on a Sunday evening. Absolutely everyone will be welcome at these services, but we will unashamedly seek to draw young adults into relationship with God.

The new service will have three key characteristics:

  1. We will have a separate teaching programme from the morning service. A programme that is designed to be accessible to the non-churched and challenging to believers in our generation (much like Jesus was doing with the parables)
  2. We will make much of the prophetic and ministry of the Holy Spirit in times of worship. The music will be awesome but not a patch on the God we gather to meet!
  3. We will highlight, promote and support the work of networks serving 18-30's. This will include sharing stories and releasing young leaders & preachers. Significantly, this will also involve, twice a term, setting time aside for network activities by not having a central church gathering.

The eighteen:thirty service will see the church filled to the rafters with God's people singing God's praises and seeking God's face.  As you have guessed, it is all about Him and we can think of no better way at this time to celebrate being His people.

In John 21 Jesus asked his disciples to cast their net on the other side of the boat and they would take such a catch of fish as they'd only dreamed of. In Leeds in 2012 He is calling St George's to cast out this service so that He can bless us extravagantly. This is going to be a kingdom moment not to miss!