Alpha Launch: Curry and Comedy!

The Alpha Course begins this week!  Wednesday 10th September for 10 weeks, including a weekend away, meals, talks and lots of discussion!

A Free Curry and Comedy night on Wednesday 3rd October launched the course.  Over 150 turned out to enjoy good food and comedian Tony Vino.

"The vibe was awesome! Curry was tasty! Tony was very entertaining and a good northern lad!"

Although the event was at the St George’s Centre the launch event was a joint event with Gateway Church; the two churches will work in partnership to deliver The Alpha Course.

The tables were candlelit and it was a relaxing, dinner party environment. Allowing people to chat and connect.

Church members brought friends and some people turned up as a result of searching for Alpha on the web!  There was a real mix of ages too.

The comedy was lots of fun.  People laughed especially at the interaction with hecklers; there was lots of banter back and forth with the crowd.

Jon swales is leading the team to run alpha this term, so he shared his thoughts with us:

“I’m very pleased with how the evening went and people left with a smile on their face. Chris Frost spoke for a few minutes about Jesus, and Lisa Woodlock and Paul Clegg were interviewed about value of the course. The evening was a real answer to prayer!”

The night attracted over 40 people  to sign up for Alpha, which is a high number and a fantastic answer to prayer!

To find out more about The Alpha Course please visit our website.