Connections Weekend Away

Connections network travelled to Whitby in September for a weekend jam packed with fun and fellowship; a really valuable opportunity to share life together.

The aim was not only to have fun and get to know each other better, but also to hear about what others in the network are doing in terms of mission.  Hoping to inspire one another to get involved and take ownership of some aspect of mission together as a network.

Beth and Jonny Laidler have been small group leaders within the Connections network for a while and they shared their thoughts with us.

“The highlight of the weekend was just being with others.  It’s rare that we all get together like that but it’s really special when we do.  There were a lot of people on the weekend that we didn’t know so it was a great chance to grow as a network too.

We found it encouraging to hear Che’s story of working on mission out in Romania this summer.  Romania is close to our hearts as we’ve been out there on short term mission too.  It was nice to see how others are working in that country and find ways of tying it all together.

Tom and Kat Pettinger did a great job organising the weekend activities.  A particular highlight for everyone was the treasure hunt involving meeting members of the local community and taking lots of photos!  It was a really fun and key ice breaker for the weekend and a great way to start the run up to network Sundays.

This was our last weekend as small group leaders too so the time away meant we ended on a real high point!"

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