Oct/12: Pray for...

  • Networks as they begin to welcome lots of new people during services and opportunities that Network Sunday will bring.
  • Network Leaders to have the time, energy and vision to lead and gather new people together over the coming month.
  • The Holy Spirit to radically transform those doing the Academy of Life course.
  • @1830service to grow and for testimonies to build faith.
  • Alpha course to thrive, for many to know more about Jesus.  Also pray for  Jon Swales and Lisa Woodlock as they lead, that God gives them energy and places the right team around them.
  • Leeds week of prayer in November (4th-11th) For lots of churches and leaders to join.
  • Church centre to get more business.

In the City

  • The development of Street Angels; all the publicity, admin and team dynamics that come with growth.  Pray for core leaders to take on leadership and more volunteers as we aim to go weekly from October.
  • Club Angels started at Christmas and has been weekly in Tiger Tiger and at the students union since Easter! We're now looking at developing the serving ministry into one which offers prayer and follow up as well.
  • Pray for great relationships to build with staff and clubbers across both venues, and for more volunteers as more clubs ask for our support.
  • Pray also for discernment between what's good but what's God as many opportunities to be involved in the city are opening up.
  • Pray for the small group of us as we spend time loving Jesus and wanting to love and reach into what can be a crazy, dark nightlife world.