Why do I love Church?

I recently  had the privilege of speaking at the first International Students Network meeting on the topic of ‘Why I love the church.’ How would you answer that question?  It’s not about any particular building but rather the people of God who gather together to encourage, worship, learn, and serve. When we become children of God we are welcomed into a worldwide family, having 2 billion brothers and sisters across the globe is an amazing fact.  But sometimes even within the local church setting we can still feel lost in a crowd.  Connecting with others, in a way that enables us to share life with others, and to Love Leeds, is what our networks are all about.  They give us the opportunity to belong, to grow, and to reach out.

Twice this term we will not be gathering as one large group on a Sunday evening, but instead we will be gathering in networks across the city.  Networks are planning a whole range of different things from meals out, to learning to pray together, listening to a returning mission partner share their story, or holding an evening of testimony.  Visit the board in the Church foyer to find out what your network is up to on Network Sunday.

I look forward to sharing with you more stories of what God has done through our networks as we share life and love Leeds.