Oct/12: Pray for... More

Aware of our need to pray and listen to God we want to invite you to makeThursday mornings a focus for our prayer as a church family.

We will be listening to God, interceding for Leeds and praying for the life of the church. Coffee and pastries will be available for those that can come, but if you can’t make it into the centre of town please still join us in prayer if you can, wherever you are at that time!

This week those who spent an hour praying shared some points that could guide your prayers this month too!

    • Thank God for those who have come to Alpha, great that people have come from seeing banner ad looking on web!
    • Thankful we can partner in gospel with gateway church
    • Thankful that doors are opening in more schools

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Please join us at 7.30-8.30am in the St George's Church Community Room. Entrance to the community room is on Thoresby Place - see you there!