Alpha 2: Why did Jesus die?

Alpha week 2 saw many new and returning guests!  The Nuture team served an amazing Pasta Carbonara followed by Eton Mess! Brilliant. Jon Swales from St George's spoke on the cross 'Why did Jesus die?'

There is a prayer letter availbable each week to keep updated on the latest at Alpha.  If you would like to receive it, please email us.

Some points to be thankful for this week:

"Talk included drama which helped visually to explain he significance of the cross"

"A great atmosphere and really good and deep conversations starting on tables!" "Positive feedback from guests afterwards." "We're pleased to have a EFL table (English as a foreign language) as an option for international guests!"

Point to pray for:

"That the regulars will all return and that some more guests will turn up"

"That those who are showing signs of interest in the faith will start to respond to the Holy Spirit coming into their lives"

"That there will be a good response to invitations to the Weekend Away 9-11 November"

Next week we will be discussing 'How can we have faith?' Rock up at 7pm (bring a friend) we'll cook you a meal and explore faith together! It's for everyone and it's FREE, so come join us.  We'll finish by 9.15pm so you can get home, pick up the kids, or carry on conversations in the pub!