Nov/12: Mission Partners

Chip and Diane Cowles and daughters Daniella & Gabriella

The Cowles family spent time in the summer travelling to Estonia, Ufa (where they had previously worked) and Russia.  In Estonia (which they describe as one of the least religious countries in the world) they took part in a week-long Agape mission.  Please pray for the people of Estonia, especially those who attended mission events in Tallin.

On the home front, Chip and Diane give thanks for a highly successful 'Vintage Tea Dance' at their church in Newcastle.  Please pray for wisdom in the formalising of an agreement between Agape and the churches in Newcastle, and for Chip and Diane to continue to know God’s priorities in their various ministries.

As we pray for the family, we should give thanks for Daniella and Gabriella who were active in sharing their faith in the youth work in Tallin. Please pray that their faith will be a constant strength to them and that they will grow in their understanding of God and experience of His love.

Sarah: Asia

It was great to see Sarah at St George's this summer; she felt very blessed by her visit to the UK and gives thanks for a wonderful break.  Now she is back teaching with the challenge of having four different grades in one class!

Sarah asks that we pray for fun, enjoyment, learning, patience and creativity at school, and that meetings with volunteer parent teachers go well.

Please pray for Sarah and her boyfriend Toma.  Toma's work has taken him to another country, so they are not able to see much of each other at present.  Where Sarah is working, the winters can be long and very cold. Pray that the winter weather will arrive late, and that Sarah will be given endurance throughout the cold dark months and that, in her words, she will have joy in life in all she does.


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