Transit: Focus

Transit is a new Network this year for post graduates, young professionals, single, married and anyone in that ‘20 something’ age bracket, although not exclusive.  Led by Fraser Raitt and Suzie Orger, Transit first invested in building relationships and have now established 3 small groups; Focus, Fiesta and Fusion. Richard and Rachael Fox are members of Transit and they share their story with us:

Why did you join Transit?

When we got married before the summer, it was about time to start searching for a small group.  We visited a few small groups to find out how it could work for us.  We thought it would be good for us to join something new, with people in a similar stage of life to us.  Another reason was down to God’s provision and faithfulness in answer to prayer.  Thursday evenings were tied up with teacher training, but it felt so right to invest in Transit, who were meeting on Thursdays.  After lots of prayer asking for work and training to be changed to fit around our commitments, the doors were opened and Thursday evenings meant we could go along to Costa Coffee and get to know others in the network.

What has been the highlight?

We spent 4 weeks building the Network in Headingley Costa Coffee.  It was the perfect chance to get to know new faces as well as catch up with familiar ones.  Although we’ve both been involved in ministries at St George’s and know plenty people already, this was a highlight because of the new relationships that formed out of it; it emphasized how much a part of the wider Church family we are.   Another highlight was battling it out in the pub quiz on Network Sunday.

How is small group going?

It’s been a long time since either of us were in a small group, and this has proven to be a valuable experience.  We are doing the ‘Academy of Life’ course along with another member of our small group, so the idea of supporting each other through life has become even more evident, and necessary. ‘Focus’ enjoys eating cake and unpacking the bible together on Thursday evenings, which has been particularly important for us because it’s quite easy to get on with work and everyday life without thinking about God, or remembering to pray for friends; small group challenges us in our everyday routines, to pray and read the bible, and let that impact our lives.  It’s a lesson well learned, that we cannot just rely on Sundays to invest in our personal relationships with God and each other.

How has it helped you share life and love Leeds?

Right at the very start when Costa Coffee were kind enough to open late for us on a Thursday, this was a great opportunity to love Leeds while sharing life, so I hope that we left a lasting impression on the staff there.  Network Sunday opened opportunities to invite friends to the pub and set an example of living a life led by Jesus, where the culture is very different.

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