Transit: Fusion

Transit is a new Network this year for post graduates, young professionals, single or married and anyone in that ‘20 something’ age bracket, (although not exclusive).  Led by Fraser Raitt and Suzie Orger, Transit have recently invested in building relationships and have now established 3 small groups; Focus, Fiesta and Fusion. Elly and Alex Woodhead share their experiences of joining Fusion. "We thought we would be small group shopping for a while, trying out different ones to see where we fitted in best, but as soon as we tried Transit we immediately felt so relaxed that it felt right to join straight away! It was such a relief to be with like-minded people, in similar situations to us but with varying experiences for us to learn from.

Our first small group session was brilliant; we ate a great meal and did a bible study on Ephesians chapter 1. We consequently ended up debating predestination for 90 minutes!

"It was really good to feel that sense of trust where we could air any thoughts or questions without fear of judgement"

Everyone contributed with interesting thoughts and perceptions, wrestling with a difficult issue and learning a great deal from others’ wisdom. It was a really comfortable environment and an invaluable forum to discuss matters of faith.

Building relationships within our small group is a big priority for us, especially as we grow to support one another. We’re already valuing time in a group to look at things differently, share experiences and become more deeply rooted in our faith. We look forward to many more evenings of bible study, prayer, laughter and testimony."

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