Alpha 5: How and why do we read the Bible?

Alpha week 5 included a great meal, great conversations and a talk by Chris Balding on 'Why and How do we read the Bible?'.  Chris is an intern at St George's working with the youth team.

There is a prayer letter availbable each week to keep updated on the latest at Alpha.  If you would like to receive it, please email us.

Some points to be thankful for this week:

"Great talk from Chris which encouraged lots of great conversations again." "At this busy time of year and with various other worship leaders ill, Chris Mason has stepped up to lead worship on the weekend away."

Pray for:

"Those who have signed up for the weekend away will enjoy the time to relax and reflect on the course and as they develop a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit." "Not as many as thought signed up to the weekend, so pray that it will still be enjoyable and God will be working!" "Jon and Mike as they prepare the final elements of the weekend away.  Pray for energy and wisdom." "Also pray for Chris Mason as he prepares to lead worship."

This weekend is the Weekend Away in the lake district, but we'll be meeting again next Wednesday as usual.  Rock up at 7pm (bring a friend) we'll cook you a meal and explore faith together! It's for everyone and it's FREE, so come join us.  We'll finish by 9.15pm so you can get home, pick up the kids, or carry on conversations in the pub!