Roots Weekend: Before

Lottie Jones is preparing for the Roots Weekend Away which is fast approaching!  20 young people and a bunch of leaders from St G's are heading to Cumbria tonight, for a weekend of fun, games and fellowship! We had a quick chat with Lottie before she met the young people to head off north:

What are you most excited about?

"I'm most excited about the unexpected things God is going to do this weekend.  I'm looking forward to allowing the space for God to move and to build community amongst the young people."

What can we pray about this weekend?

"If you could pray that I can see clearly what God is doing and where he is moving, that my eyes and ears will be open to it.  Also pray that it will be a fun weekend and God will do what he needs to do!  Finally can you pray for a safe coach journey and pray against illness and injury this weekend!"

Follow the young people on twitter this weekend with #rwa We will put pictures up next week and let you know the amazing unexpected things that God was doing!