Sharing the excitement

The lights have gone up in Leeds city centre and  the shops are working hard to make us spend money. Some greet this time of year with excitement and anticipation,  while others get annoyed by it and find it difficult. Whatever people think of Christmas it’s the constant topic of conversation and that gives us an amazing opportunity to share good news with people. I am in awe that the Son of God should give up the splendour and majesty of heaven to come as a helpless baby to live and die that I might know the love of the Father.  As I spend time each advent allowing the truth of this to sink in again, the joy within me rises; so too, the longing to share this good news with those around me.

Christmas is the easiest time in the whole year to invite people to Church so we don’t want to miss out on the opportunities this season.  For us at St George’s over December we have numerous possibilities, whether our neighbours enjoy contemporary beats or choral choirs, candlelight calm or family fun, there is a service for everyone!

There is no greater excitement at Christmas than seeing others discover the gift of new life.  So let’s not miss out on the chance to share this excitement.

Happy Christmas Joanna