Roots Weekend: After

Roots spent the weekend in Cumbria at Blaithewaite house, involving lots of fun games, great teaching and lack of sleep!  The teaching was based on a poem called God Gazer.

  • Being a God Gazer: knowing who God is.
  • God as a Life Giver: knowing who we are within that
  • Being a World Changer: where we go from there


What were the highlights of the weekend?

The whole weekend had the theme of TV, so we had game shows such as Eggheads, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and a very messy version of Get Your Own Back where Chris Balding’s team lost, leaving him to get covered in beans, breakfast leftovers, jelly and gravy. One young person said that "it was the best thing we have ever done at Roots."

rwa12bWe also made adverts for Blaithwaite House! Getting the young people to be creative and produce some really funny, original videos.

“One of my favourite parts to the weekend was when we had to make the adverts - my team worked together surprisingly well and had loads of great ideas! They decided this was their favourite session of the weekend as they had great fun and were all very pleased with the end result and were consequently delighted when their video won” Chris, first time leader

We also had the traditional Roots Weekend Away game, Hunt the Leader; where the leaders risked pneumonia and hid in the grounds dressed as different TV Characters, waiting for young people to find them.

Some of the leaders also took it upon themselves to write a worship version of the song Call Me Maybe, which it is hoped will become a staple of Roots Worship… or it may have just been our sleep deprived brains that thought it sounded awesome!

Where was God working?

God worked through so much of it but particularly through the seminars we had, the talks and response times, we had one young person asking Jesus to come into their life.

One seminar was explaining what the Holy Spirit is and how it works, young people really felt the Holy Spirit’s presence, some of them for the first time. Another was on prophesy; the young people were interested in it and had been praying over each other in the week leading up to the weekend and writing encouragements and what God was saying to them.


"It really built new friendships between the young people that we hadn’t seen before, and also brought out a great sense of community between the leaders who came along, and between the leaders and the young people. It means that Roots is becoming a really safe space to share life. As for loving Leeds, in the World Changer session we introduced our plans for a Roots Mission Week in Cottingley, where we’ll be staying overnight together and showing God’s love to the people in that area over the Easter holidays." Alice, leader of the prophecy seminar

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Photography by Chris Williams.

Hunting the leaders!