Student and Young Adult Weekend Away

During the first weekend in November about 65 students and young adults from St George’s went to beautiful Edale in the Derbyshire countryside to spend quality time with each other and focus on God.

Millie Robinson, intern at St George’s and Network Leader of Hyde Park Students, said "We had a great time playing games, worshipping and learning how to be Citizens and Ambassadors of God’s Kingdom.  We had a really fun and fulfilling time together looking to God to grow us and equip us to go and live for Christ in our student lives.  We were privileged to be joined by some young adults from the church and just had a really blessed time building community and encouraging each other."

Dan and Emily Tyler led a number of sessions over the weekend, as well as encouraging the group to take time out to reflect, chill out and build relationships.  The weekend impacted the lives of many students and young adults, who will hopefully impact those around them in Leeds.

A student from Internationals Network commented,"the best thing that happened to me was the first prayer I did on the weekend away. I started crying as soon as Joy said ‘Thank you God for bringing Cecilia to me’, it was so amazing and touching, and I had never felt God was close to me before."

A young adult from Transit Network also joined in. "I did not know a great deal of people before the weekend and will admit feeling a little nervous. However I lifted up my worries in prayer and God truly delivered. I felt so welcomed and received, and blessed to be around so many amazing people. Not only that but it was an excellent chance to really meet with God. The Saturday night was very powerful for me and I left the weekend feeling refreshed, forgiven and amazed at God’s grace.”

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Photography by Chris Williams.