Jan/13: Mission Partners

Andy and Uta Buckler

Andy works for the French Reformed Church (ERF) in Paris with responsibility for training and ‘formation’ which involves him in visits to other churches to encourage them in evangelism and church growth.

In their latest prayer letter Andy and Uta write: "We feel God has honoured our desire to immerse ourselves in the French culture (and church!). But it has not all been easy dealing with the spiritual and cultural issues posed by living in a foreign culture"

We give thanks that their children are settling into new schools, especially that Daniel is getting on well having moved to a school in the UK. Please pray for the family as they decide whether a UK-based education is best for Daniel in the longer term.

Please pray also for Andy and Uta as they seek to protect their children from a prevailing negative and cynical culture and are faced with the difficulty of putting their ‘faith at the heart of their family when anything religious is systematically excluded from school and society’.

Their prayer letter is a reminder of the real cost involved in mission overseas - this family needs our prayers.


The Israel/Palestine Network continues to liaise with the Jewish community. Some of us recently attended a synagogue service at the Etz Chaim synagogue where we were warmly welcomed. Five of us hope to discuss the Israel/Palestine issue with some of the Leeds Lobby Network - a group from the Jewish community who are keen to publicise the good things about Israel in the face of so much negative publicity. We had one afternoon of discussion in the summer and hope now to move on but in a different mode.

Four members of the network are considering whether to meet together on a more regular basis to pray together, perhaps monthly. In February five from the network will meet up with a group of people from Harrogate to make final arrangements for their two week mission activity based in Bethlehem; this will take place in the autumn.

We would ask people to pray for leaders to emerge in Israel and Palestine who will call their respective peoples to repentance, to accepting the need for difficult compromises and for people on each side, in the words of Rabbi Michael Lerner, to embrace the other.

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