Listen to His voice

JoannaOver the month of January we looked together at the vision we believe God has given St George’s and we rejoice together in God’s provision through his people for us as a church to continue to reach out with the love of God to the city of Leeds and beyond. For us to keep in step with God’s vision for us as a community and as individuals we need to continually be listening to His voice.  For generations Christians have used the season of Lent, beginning this year on the 13th of February,  as a time for drawing closer to God, reflecting on their lives before him and on all that Jesus did that makes drawing close even possible.

How are you going to make space and time over this lent to listen to the voice of God?  Are there things it would be helpful to give up?  Are there things it would be helpful to take on?

In the morning services we are going to be looking at how the prophet Samuel learned to hear and obey God’s voice, and in the evening services we will be looking at the amazing truth of God’s love.

Let’s enter Lent with expectation for the one who loves us delights to speak to us.