"Loneliness has no right on our heart..."

womenseveIn January women of all ages at St George's gathered to share cake, wine and stories! Many felt encouraged by the work of God in others and it was a great evening.  Helen went with other ladies in her small group and shared with us: "As the ladies of our small group, we decided to attend the Women’s Ministry event (the boys watched a film!) on Saturday 12th January.

Lisa and her team organised a lovely night of fellowship for the women of St George’s. We spent a Saturday night listening to inspiring testimonies, whilst eating cake and drinking wine! It was an exciting and emotionally moving event (in a good way!). The highlight for me was being able to get together with others. I felt encouraged by the diversity of women and inspired that we were strengthened in our different circumstances and places of employment to go and ‘share life, and love Leeds’.

I am so grateful to the three courageous ladies for sharing their stories. All three testimonies were very different, looking into the past, focusing on present needs and then the hope we have in the future. They were all inspiring and witnessed to our awesome God.  One testimony reminded us that with God we are never alone and loneliness has no right on our heart, the second focused on God as the Father and how no one can measure to His love, the third that God is with us no matter how far we are from family or home.

We then enjoyed a time of worship and prayer, thanking God for the work He is doing in our lives.  It was very exciting to spend time together, seeing old friends, making new and finding ways to serve and encourage each other in our walk with Christ.

We are now all looking forward to the pamper evening and women’s weekend away!"

Read Kathy's testimony here.

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