Meet the Interns: Lizzy

LizzyLizzy is a placement Intern working at Riverside Church supporting the work of James Barnett in the recent the Church plant.

“My highlight has to be feeling at home for the first time.”

“I just love it!”

"My personal walk with God has grown so much this year and I’ve been able to learn from and share with so many people."

What do you do? My role is flexible as Riverside is a new church with a variety of things going on. So I just roll with it! At the moment I’m planning a mission trip to Cambodia to work with women in prostitution and those caught in human trafficking.  But at Riverside I work with the children aged 8+ on a Sunday morning and lead Sunday evening gatherings.  I lead a Missional Community and also connect with Students in Leeds; we have links with the Christian Unions and I work with students connecting with and supporting them.

Missional Communities are groups that gather together around the city, drawn together by a passion for a place or interest.  They exist to serve in those areas, to bless each other and to live out our values; faith, hope, love.

Why are you doing the Internship? I’m working out what I want to do in the future, and working out my gifting, but working for a church full time is something I’ve considered.  I love getting to know people from different walks of life and the internship has been a great opportunity to do that and get involved with lots of different things.

What has been your highlight? Being part of Riverside feels like being part of a family, and it’s incredible. This is the first time I’ve felt at home at a Church.

Where is God working? God has been working in me as I’ve journeyed on the Academy of Life and School of Theology on a Thursday morning. It’s been really good for developing different areas of my life, in particular spiritual gifts and exploring how I can actually use those gifts. Riverside has been a safe environment to try things out and to pray with people about these gifts.

My personal walk with God has grown so much this year and I’ve been able to learn from and share with so many people.  In particular I’ve learned how to pray and listen to God so much more this year.

I’ve seen God working in others too.  Especially at the evening gatherings, it’s been amazing to see how others faith has grown - even the small things I’ve found incredible.

What can St George’s pray for at the moment? Riverside needs prayer right now because they need a building; somewhere to call ‘home’.  Please also pray for our trip to Cambodia that it goes well and the work we do has an impact; we feel God really brought us together with this passion.

What’s next for you? I plan to stay in Leeds and remain part of the family at Riverside; I feel this is what God’s calling me to do.  However, please pray that I find a job in Leeds so that this can happen!

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