More than just a retreat...

Members of St George's head to Newark for the New Wine summer conference each year to relax, build friendships, network with other Churches and build God's kingdom! New Wine also host a weekend once a year for 20's-30's to connect and build God's kingdom.  As well as the St George's worship team serving, networks headed to Center Parcs for a weekend in January.

rtaLaura, leader of Eyes Open network shared some thoughts with us:

What is Retreat to Advance?

Retreat to Advance was a conference held at Center Parcs with the aim of bringing together Christians in their 20's and 30's to have a relaxing and recharging weekend in what turned out to be lots of snow!

nw1But it was more than just a retreat. The whole focus of the weekend was to challenge us all to work out how we as a generation can advance God’s kingdom in our lives, our workplaces and our cities.

What did you learn?

We were encouraged to see that where we happen to find ourselves is actually where we are called to be by God, and to see everywhere, and particularly our workplaces, as a place where we can be a part of God's love, grace and power, transforming not only individuals but the whole culture and ethos of a place.

What did you take away?

I've been to many christian conferences where I have had an amazing time but have left a bit sad to go back to "the real world". What was different about RTA was that I had an amazing time but left with a sense of purpose and excitement, knowing that "the real world" was exactly where God was calling me to be and where I could be a part of what he was already doing in the lives of my friends and colleagues.

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