Love Bombing! Part 1

At St George's we are called to Share Life and Love Leeds.  A group of students recently took on this challenge and listened to what God was asking them to do.  Leah and her friends will share their stories on our blog over the next few weeks to encourage us that God is working but also to challenge us to Love Leeds too.

A few of us got together at the beginning of the year and discovered we all shared a passion to reach out to the homeless across Leeds. So, come valentines day we decided to 'love bomb' Leeds, with our prayers, time and a little food to give out if necessary basically, an afternoon to be available for God to use us in anyway he liked to to bless the city.

I was thinking we'd prepare around 10 sandwiches to give out, but God had very different plans! Just as I was about to get the food, I got a phone call from a friend who was helping at a student hosting event linked to Leeds University Union. They told her all the left over food was hers to use as she wished. To cut a very long story short, the ten bags of food I had in mind turned into over 60 bags FULL of food; we're talking 3 types of sandwiches, 2 types of wraps, 3 types of cake, a tart and a croissant per bag!! In honesty, I think inside we all slightly panicked as we realized the scale of the operation God was planning to commence!

There are so many stories I could share, but here's just one.  So we were walking along the high street and saw a man looking very confused who told us he was looking for £40 which he had dropped, he only needed £4 to get the bus home. As this story was developing some girls came up to us and told us not to give him money as he repeats the story everyday. As a result of this weird occurrence, we ended up chatting to the 3 girls for a good 20 minutes. They are Muslim but all were really interested by what we were doing. We were so encouraged by God divinely appointing our meeting with them, we all got on like a house on fire! As a result, we are meeting up with them in the next week to follow up! Crazy afternoon!

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