March/13: Mission Partners

Chip and Diane Cowles

Chip and Diane live in Newcastle with their daughters, Daniella and Gabriella. They are part of a project establishing a cafe-style, fresh expression of church to reach the unchurched people in their area. The project is a partnership between Newcastle churches and Agape.

Chip and Diane are taking a break from their work for overseas mission in order to learn from this experience of church planting.  Jonathan Clark and Stuart Roberts recently visited the Cowles family and were greatly encouraged by their current ministry. Diane writes, "We have 70 families on our books now as compared to 20 two years ago. Some are starting to come to Messy Church events and are becoming more opened up to God."

We can give thanks for this exciting project and pray that through it Chip and Diane are equipped for whatever God has prepared for them in the longer term. Give thanks too for 'Vintage', a lunch club for 'seniors'; Chip and Diane ask us to pray that God would work through the messages of love given and received during a Valentine's Day event, and that he would open hearts and minds so that people might come to know Jesus.

Please also pray for healing for their daughter, Daniella who struggled with mycoplasma pneumonia over Christmas and is still unwell. Please pray for wisdom for her doctors who are concerned that there may be some other underlying infection. Daniella has GCSE exams in May and has already missed a significant amount of school time.


We rejoice with Sarah for the good times she has had in recent years and the friends she has made. We rejoice especially in her plans to marry Toma at St George's this June. Sarah has very recently left the school that she set up for children of mission workers in order to be with her husband once they are married.

Please pray that Jesus will be a rock to Sarah as she copes with the challenge of leaving behind the work and families that she has grown to love in past years.  Pray for her in preparation for her marriage, and that God will guide her in the use of her skills and experience in a new country.

Sarah asks us to pray for Frances who is the teacher taking over from Sarah, and to continue to pray for Ashem and his family.  Ashem badly damaged his neck and shoulders in a serious accident. That he survived the accident is a wonderful answer to prayer, but medical treatment has cost him financially and he still has pain, so please continue to pray for complete healing.

Sarah concludes her last prayer bulletin asking that we pray that she has joy in all she does.

Find out more about Mission Partners at St George's on our website.