Meet the Interns: Millie

Millie Millie leads the Hyde Park Student Network working alongside Dan and the student team.

What does your role involve?

I work 3 days a week with the student team, leading the Hyde Park student network, helping to plan central events, and bits and bobs of student admin. I have had the opportunity to preach to the students at Network Sunday events and also mentor some students one to one. I also spend some time with Wrangthorn Church on Hyde Park corner, supporting the congregation and helping them to grow in confidence and more effectively bless the local community.

Why are you doing the Internship?

I have always loved serving the church and feel really at home being part of the team. I did a degree in design and after Uni wasn't sure how to best use those skills in a way that would glorify God. I wanted to give a year to serving God and the church and hopefully make a bit of a difference in this city, whilst seeking God about the plans He has for me.

What has been your highlight?                                    

My highlight has been seeing how my network has built a really strong community where they are praying for each other and sharing life and supporting each other. It’s amazing to see the way that God is working through the students and leading them to step out boldly to love this city.


How has God been working in your life?

God has really been challenging me about my pride, and reminding me that I’m part of a team and that everything doesn't fall apart if I’m not there! I've also been working on spending more time with God, and He has been teaching me how to hear His voice and asking me to be more obedient.

What can St George’s pray for at the moment?

As a Student team we are trying to work out how best to do mission and how to love and serve students in Leeds. We would really love for God to guide us as we seek Him and keep trying out different events and ideas of how to share the good news with young adults. At Wrangthorn, we are working to make the congregation feel valued and confident in their faith, and see how we can best support and serve them.

What’s next for you?

Next year I will be working in Leeds, I’m getting married in the summer so need a job to pay the rent! I am looking at different design jobs and praying that God will guide me. I’m really looking forward to moving onto the next stage of life and being able to serve the church in different ways.

To find out more about the internship at St George's visit our website.